2010 – The Mikado

NODA Report

MD: Ken Matthews Co-Directors: Keith Armitage & Peter Shreyhane

Arguably the best of G&S’s operettas produced, this was the first time I’d managed to see this group perform it although I’ve been a regular visitor for years. It was well worth the wait!
The set, although deceptively simple, was extremely effective; self designed, built and tastefully decorated by members themselves in this hard working society that has G&S down to a fine art. Music was well balanced within a strong orchestra. Singing was superb – a term often overused but in this case accurate.

It is wrong, possibly, in such a team effort as this to mention individuals but two newcomers into the principal ranks were youngsters, Laura Crawley & Kayleigh Oliver (playing Yum-Yum and Pitti-Sing) who, I’m sure (and hope), will grace this stage for many more productions. Harmonies were excellent, especially in the Madrigal performed for six voices. Acoustically the hall works well but regardless of this it was encouraging to find that all principals could ‘project’ their voices without the need for a sound system – a fast fading art nowadays it appears!

Topical references abounded throughout in both libretto and song causing much laughter. This production felt like the convivial company of good friends (which indeed it was.)